The one that went wrong

Diesen Beitrag habe ich nicht für dich übersetzt, weil ich dafür keine deutschen Worte finde, die mir gefallen – wenn du fragen zum Verständnis hast, kannst du mir gern schreiben.

I am SO MAD at myself right now!

I had a perfectly good article written about music.

It was long, contained links and I thought it through.

But STUPID, STUPID ME lets the page reload without having ANYTHING saved!!

But one needs to undergo things like this to LEARN.

And that’s what life is all about right? Learning.

So I’ll stop being mad now.

And in the end it gave me a whole new topic to talk about 😉


Whenever we have something that we think is really good, there will be the possibility that we ruin it.

This is why perfectionists have a really HARD time with things.

But if we step away from the ruined thing – be it a not saved article you finished, to much salt you put in a soup that cooked for ours right before serving or anything else – if we STEP AWAY from that for a second, we see that nothing is really ruined.

If we start over it will turn out even BETTER than before.

And if we don’t want to start over it wasn’t worth as much to us, as we thought in the beginning.


Did you know that Hemingway at one point of his life lost ALL he ever wrote? That happened because his wife wanted to make him happy, packed all of it and brought it with her on the train to visit him. In that train the bag was stolen. And so were all works he had finished and started by then.

But if he hadn’t made the best of that and started over – well, then we wouldn’t know his name today!


So let’s ruin stuff.

Let’s get over it.

And then rise from it like a phoenix does from his ashes!

<3 <3 <3


  1. Sowas ist so ärgerlich! Ich habe einmal unterwegs einen Text auf dem Handy geschrieben und bin dann auf irgendeine Taste gekommen – klick, alles weg. Ich habe mich so geärgert, weil der Text mir richtig gut gefallen hat. Aber es stimmt, es bringt nichts dann den Kopf hängen zu lassen. Daraus lernen und besser machen!

    Liebe Grüße, Hanna von http://hanna0irresolutely.wordpress.com/

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