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Diesen Beitrag habe ich nicht für dich übersetzt, weil ich dafür keine deutschen Worte finde, die mir gefallen – wenn du fragen zum Verständnis hast, kannst du mir gern schreiben.

Christmas (and the whole end of a year thing) always comes with all those talks and texts about love and care.

How we should love each other (why does this always just come up on christmas?!) and care for the ones less gifted by life.

But what is this care thing anyway?

Care seems to be something so complicated that I couldn’t find a definition for it without specialising my search.

There is child care, elderly care, managed care, animal care and a load of other things out there.

I think all these things come together as one small definition that, for whatever reason, can’t be found on the first 5 sites of search results google gave to me.

For me: Care is simply the current inner need to do whatever possible for some other thing while NOT keeping your very own interests in first place on your mind. It’s something that HAS to come from the inside. It cannot be forced or altered by anyone but the caring person. 

So why current? – Because I think that you can NOT ALWAYS care for someone. Not even your children. Not even the person you love the most. It changes. Even if society makes you believe that you are supposed to care for certain things, like people in need, the environment or your family members – no one can force that into you. It has to come from yourself. And I believe it’s given to us by the way we are raised and what we had to endure or see and get to know during our lives how easily we care about something.

So why thing? I think that care is neither only felt by humans nor is it only felt towards humans. You can care for everything that has a place in your emotional or intellectual spectrum.

Is care always a good thing? I may be alone here but I think that the answer is NO. No, care is NOT always a good thing. Care, like anything else can rise to a very unhealthy level. If a really strong personality is paired with much care for many things (like in me) you have to constantly be aware of your actions because you could push the people / animals or things that you want to help away from you and make their life harder instead of easier.

What is care for, anyway? I think care belongs to the most important emotions that are given to us. (My number one emotion is and will always be HOPE because I think that without hope no action or emotion is motivated. Not even love or hate. Hope than is followed by love and care – but that is just how I rate them for myself.) Without care, we would not ever put our own needs aside to help a creature or thing.



I think that the word of CARE is worth thinking about it a little while longer when reading it during those christmas and new year times – or anytime else.

It’s a wonderful thing (when not overdone) that should never be forced but ALWAYS be respected.

Your mother annoys you by forbidding something? – Have you ever thought about her side? Maybe she wants to protect you because she cares for you and is just not good at expressing that.

Your husband doesn’t come to you when you lay in bed with a headache? – Does he even know that you want him there? Maybe it’s his way of care. Maybe he thinks that it’s better to leave you alone and in silence because that is what he learned while he was raised.

These are just two small examples, but I hope you get my point.


Don’t ever just see something from one point of view. If you are not sure if something is meant out of a caring-feeling then ask. That is what communication was made for.

If you want to do someone or something a good deed and you feel rejected than COMMUNICATE that thought. Maybe you’re misunderstood.


We all are care givers and care receivers at some point of life – let’s not take that for granted. Celebrate it and be aware of the wonderful thing that is care.

<3 <3 <3

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graphic is by florian horn <3


  1. namimosa says:

    Ein schöner und sehr, sehr wahrer Text!
    Ich finde das auch eine echt wichtige Sache, die man nicht vernachlässigen sollte. Auch wenn man nicht rundum die Uhr und immer für jeden da sein kann, aber es ist wichtig auf die Lieben zu achten!

    Dankeschön für dein liebes Lob! 😉
    Aber ich kann dir schon sagen, Weihnachten ist auch bei uns eine total große Sache. Allerdings tatsächlich einfach deswegen, weil man viel zu selten zusammen kommt. Und wir haben dann halt auch immer eine Menge Spaß zusammen. Für uns ist das schon auch eine sehr große Sache. Aber der Ablauf ist ziemlich lässig und normal. 😉

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